Version 1.03

-fixed crash caused by floating eye attacking a helper butterfly (thanks priestess of Athe)
-helper butterflies are now immune to explosions
-increase chance of butterflies spawning when you have butterfly net
-ranger summon deer spell changed from 30 to 20 damage per deer
-added messages to stomping boots
-removed ranger's bow from their hitbox
-"rest here traveler" campfire health regen changed from 2 hp/2 seconds to 2 hp/1 second
-ascension altar HP changed from 400 to 10,000
-shopkeeper health changed from 150 to 200+(5 x level)
-how many monsters remain to be killed will be displayed during monster summon traps
-ring of attack changed from 1-2 to 1
-changed "Rusted" starting debuff from -3 attack to -2
-starting buffs are now displayed in green (debuffs in red)
-made food sitting on table easier to reach and eat
-mud boots now create mud puddles

added items for spooktober

 (coming soon)

  • pumpkins that contain either a trick or a treat
  • candy, food type that always tastes good
  • new monster: ghost
  • more webs
  • spooky title

***this update is not compatible with and saves from previous versions***

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Sep 22, 2022

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